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Mission Dining Room Tables

mission dining room tables

    dining room
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mission dining room tables - 7pc Mission

7pc Mission Style Solid Hardwood Dining Table & 6 Chairs Set

7pc Mission Style Solid Hardwood Dining Table & 6 Chairs Set

7pc Mission Style Med Brown Finish Solid Hardwood Dining Table & 6 Chairs Set This is a brand new 7 piece Mission Style dining table and chairs set. This solid hardwood dining set is finished in medium brown finish. This elegant dining table set will complement the most sophisticated to casual decor. Make this item yours today to beautify the decor of your home. The Collection includes dining table, four side chairs and two arm chairs. Item may require simple assembly. Dimensions Measure: Table: 40"W 70"L, Side Chair: 19-1/2"W 21"D 39"H, Arm Chair: 21-1/2"W 21"D 39"H

80% (16)

Dining Room

Dining Room

Dick Idol Mission system table, chairs, server
This is a self-assignment. I took the most difficult room in my home and photographed it to face a number of challenges I expect to face in the "real" world.

Large soft box pointed away from the room into the adjacent room, camera left, still too bright even on 1/2 power

The photo comes up short on a number of areas that I can see. After some post production here are the things that I see that still need to improve:

chandelier blown out
door in back of room too bright
ghastly light on carpet
blue glare on back wall
red cast on chair rail and doorway to kitchen left
red cast on ceiling
general "tightness" of furnishings (even though used TS-E 24 for wider POV)
cut off bottom of closest chair
not high enough?

OK, that's my self critique. What did I miss?

I bracketed a few series but had bigger lighting problems with those series so could not lift the chandelier from any of those.

Dining Room - another approach

Dining Room - another approach

Dining Room
Dick Idol Mission Style Chairs, Table, Server

I went ahead and shot this with a slightly higher POV, staged some candles, took care of the hot door in the back, toned down the chandelier lights, and got rid of the red casts and deep shadows, got the bottoms of the chairs, etc.

mission dining room tables

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