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Round Table Dining Room Set : Round Dining Table 8 Chairs : Antique Pedestal Table.

Round Table Dining Room Set

round table dining room set

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dining table/chairs (goes with china cabinet)

dining table/chairs (goes with china cabinet)

Solid oak dining room set includes:
China cabinet (bottom is 34.5" tall and top is 47.5" tall, total of 82"; 78" wide; 17.5 deep)
Round table with an extra leaf (not pictured; 48" in diameter and 29" tall)
2 captian's chairs and 2 regular chairs

Everything is very sturdy and in great shape.

Antique Dining Room Table w/Chairs

Antique Dining Room Table w/Chairs

Antique Round Dining Room Table with Four Upholsted High Back Chairs, Two Leaves This table hosted many fabulous ladies’ brunches, holiday entertainment, and tea parties, and would be a great addition to a women’s theme house, or for a more metrosexual men’s apartment. Includes a free set of pink floral dishes. ($350)

round table dining room set

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