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Glass Table And Chair Sets - Mission Style Dining Table Plans

Glass Table And Chair Sets

glass table and chair sets

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glass table and chair sets - Sutton 5

Sutton 5 Piece Dining Room Glass Table and Chair Set

Sutton 5 Piece Dining Room Glass Table and Chair Set

The Sutton dining set features a 42 inch round 8mm glass with a bevelled edge. The set comes with four side chairs that are fully assembled. Only the seat needs to be attached. The base does require some assembly (hardware and instructions are included). The unique flower is on the front and back of the chairs and on the table base. The beautiful earthtone paint finish is a great compliment to many different decor styles and tones. This design is sophisticated and modern, yet feels right at home. This set is delivered with a home delivery appointment at your convenience between 9am-5pm Monday thru Friday. You will be contacted in 4-6 days after the set ships from our warehouse. The Sutton is in stock now. FREE Shipping now thru September 30, 2011. See restrictions on our policy pages.

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Patio Table & Chairs, Brown Wicker

Patio Table & Chairs, Brown Wicker

Brown wicker patio table and chair set. Bittersweet umbrella and brown cushions. Glass table top. 4 different sits. Mod/Copy.

Wind River Furniture and Decor
Dreamwalker (62,200,2002)
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Close up of the glass table that my mom made.

glass table and chair sets

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