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Bar Height Table Dimensions

bar height table dimensions

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bar height table dimensions - Aluminum Bar

Aluminum Bar Table Base: 40.5" Bar Height

Aluminum Bar Table Base: 40.5" Bar Height

This sleek pedestal table base is all aluminum for heavy-duty performance and polished good looks. Unlike some dining table bases, this one is equipped with adjustable glides so you'll never end up on your hands and knees shoving matchbooks under the legs to fix a wobbling problem. Available in two different heights (standard and bar level), it'll fit most any size tabletop to make one incredible piece of furniture. Check out our Stainless Steel and Double-Sided Walnut and Natural bar table tops and make it happen. Features: Base, column and spider legs made of aluminum. Adjustable glides for maximum stability. Available in two different heights. . Specs: Weight: 18 lb. Standard Height Dimensions: 24"W x 28 1/2"H x 24"D. Bar Height Dimensions: 24"W x 40 1/2"H x 24"D. Column Diameter: 2 1/2". Spider Diameter: 18". Fits Table Top Sizes: 24" Round, 24" x 24", 32" Round & 32" x 32". . Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

75% (13)

Tabitha 28th February 2009 03

Tabitha 28th February 2009 03

The Loop Highchair from Mamas and Papas is one serious piece of kit. One of the most sturdy things we've bought baby it just screams safety and security. She instantly felt comfortable and the smile tells us what we need to know. I'm looking forward to feeding her solids now!

Sophisticated to suit your kitchen, yet practical to suit your little one, Loop is a fully adjustable and tilting highchair that exceeds the demands of modern day living. With an ultra comfortable seat in a choice of colours, it's designed to fit your world.

Key Features:

- Height adjustable from chair to table to breakfast bar level
- With a simple action the seat reclines to three positions for after dinner naps
- Seat rotates 360° making it easy to place your baby in and out, this means that you can move around the kitchen and turn baby so they can remain facing you and you are always interacting
- Ergonomically designed seat provides ultimate comfort
- Secure five point safety harness and additional crotch post for added safety
- Seamless moulded seat with easy to clean fabric
- Rotation and height resistor
- Star shape base provides stability and enables you to sit near to your baby or position your Loop highchair close to a table or breakfast bar
- Removable tray allows your baby to sit close to the table for family mealtimes

With a choice of frame and accessory pack colours Loop lets you personalise your highchair, the accessory pack includes:
- Luxury textured padded seat insert provides a splash of colour*
- Reversible posture support enables you to cushion your baby's back when they are younger or use as a head hugger when they as they start to grow*
- Chest pads for added comfort*
- Practical dinner tray insert that detaches after the meal for cleaning, leaving the main tray clean for playtime

* Machine washable @ 40°

Additional accessory packs are available to purchase separately, perfect for when one is in the wash: see Loop accessory packs.

Suitable From: 4 months* to 3 years approx.
*When used in fully reclined position
Weight: 10.5kg
Erect Dimensions: H: 100 to 115 x W: 67 x D: 75cm approx.
Tray Height: 75 to 90cm approx.

Rolleicord Ia

Rolleicord Ia

The Art Deco Rolleicord I, in Germany colloquially known as the 'Tapeten-Rolleicord' (wallpaper Rolleicord) was produced by Franke and Heidecke from November 1933 to March 1936. In total, 32,508 units of the Rolleicord I Model 1 (factory Model K3 - 510) were built (32,508 units cover both decorative and plain versions). This unit dates to late January or early February 1934. It belongs to the first 6,500 units, as the viewing lens is still spelled Heidoskop (rather than Heidoscop).

Length (depth) : 94mm (104mm expanded)
Width (incl. handles) : 89mm
Height : 134mm (198mm opened)
Weight : 899g
Film Type: 120
Picture Dimensions: 6x6
Serial number : 0025xx

Manufacturer : Zeiss Jena
Type : Triotar f=4.5 75mm
Aperture stops : 4.5, 5.6, 8, 11, 16, 32
Focus Settings : 0.8, 0.9, 1, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 2, 2.5, 3.3, 5, 10, INF
Shutter : Compur Shutter (rim set) T, B,1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 300
Filters : 28.5mm push on
Year made : early 1934

Manufacturer : Optische Anstalt Saalfeld (Zeiss subsidiary)
Type : Heidoskop Anastigmat f=4
Aperture stops : none.
Shutter : none
Serial number : none.
Year made : 1933-34

The camera is nickel plated and decorated with a trompe-l'oeil grid on all sides bar the bottom. A depth of field table has been attached to the back. The camera was sold with depth-of-field tables in German, French (this unit) and English. In parallel with the decorated versions, a plain model was also produced, covered with standard black leatherette. Towards the end of the production run, a removable camera back was introduced,, whch then allowed for optional back replacements, such as a 35mm adapter (Rolleikin I) and a sheet film adapter.

The patterns patent for the Art Deco ornamentation, D.R.G.M. (Deutsches Reich Gebrauchsmuster) 1328226, was issued on October 14,1933 in the name of the company proprietors, Paul Franke and Reinhold Heidecke of Braunschweig (Brunswick).

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bar height table dimensions

bar height table dimensions

Mahogany Finish Counter Height Dining Table & 8 High Chairs Set

Mahogany Finish Counter Height Dining Table & 8 High Chairs Set This is a brand new 9 pieces elegant contemporary style Counter Height Dining Table and Bar Stools Set. This mahogany finish counter height dining set is made of selected woods. Matching Bar Stools have a 24"seat height. Set includes 1 table and 8 bar stools. This elegant dining table set will complement the most sophisticated to casual decor. Make this item yours today to beautify the decor of your home. Item may require simple assembly. Dimensions Measure: Table: 42"-54"L (12"Leaf) x 54W x 36"H, BarStool: 24"Seat Height x 40"H

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